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  • Character Studies

    By: Dr. Peter S. Ruckman
    Eight radio sermons remastered for MP3. Examines the lives of Thomas, Mary Magdalene, Annas & Caiaphas, Pilate, Nicodemus, Judas Iscariot, Andrew & Philip and Simon Peter.
  • Christ, Muhammed, and I

    By: Mohammad Al Ghazoli
    $11.95 Retail: $12.95 Save 8%
    A compelling true story about a respected Muslim leader who walked away from Islam.
  • Counterfeit or Genuine?

    By: David Otis Fuller
    $13.49 Retail: $13.95 Save 3%
    A condensed and edited edition of Burgon'’s unanswered and unanswerable masterpiece, The Last Twelve Verses of Mark.
  • Creator or Liar? (Pack of 25)

    By: Jack Chick
  • Cruden's Complete Concordance to the Old and New Testaments

    By: Alexander Cruden
    $10.49 Retail: $11.97 Save 12%
    Handy reference book for anyone who wants to study the Bible.
  • Defending the King James Bible

    By: Dr. D. A. Waite
    $14.95 Retail: $18.95 Save 21%
    An excellent defense that shows the fourfold superiority of the KJV.
  • Did the Catholic Church Give Us the Bible?

    By: David W. Daniels
    $9.95 Retail: $10.95 Save 9%
    Shows that there are two lineages of Bibles.
  • Differences in the King James Version Editions

    By: Dr. Peter S. Ruckman
  • Difficulties in the Bible

    By: R. A. Torrey
    $6.49 Retail: $6.99 Save 7%
    Those who have questioned the authenticity of the Bible or wondered about certain passages will find an eye-opening revelation of the truth.
  • Dispensational Truth

    By: Clarence Larkin
    The greatest book on dispensational truth in the world.
  • E=MC² or The Bigger the Belfry, the More Room for the Bats

    By: Dr. Peter S. Ruckman
    Discusses atheism, moral relativism, and the use of "science falsely so called" (1 Timothy 6:20) to replace God's word.
  • Early Manuscripts, Church Fathers, and the Authorized Version

    By: Dr. Jack Moorman
    $22.49 Retail: $25.00 Save 10%
    An entire range of evidence, and demonstrates how the early manuscripts, versions, and fathers bear witness to the doctrinal heart of the Authorized Version.
  • Earth's Earliest Ages

    By: George H. Pember
    $15.49 Retail: $15.99 Save 3%
    Discusses the Biblical evidence for a post-creation catastrophe and destruction of the earth.
  • Earthen Vessel

    Handmade vase by Evangelist and Master Potter, David Engesath.
  • Ecclesiastes Commentary

    By: Dr. Peter S. Ruckman
    Applying the vast wisdom of Solomon to the modern reader by exploring philosophy, materialism, and science.
  • Essentials of Prayer

    By: Edward M. Bounds
    $7.49 Retail: $7.99 Save 6%
    E. M. Bounds describes how every Christian can maintain a prayer life that produces results both personally and in the kingdom of God.
  • Eternal Security

    By: Dr. Peter S. Ruckman
  • Every Wise Woman

    By: Diana Engesath
    On Sale!
    $19.18 (Save 20%)
    Retail: $23.95
  • Every Wise Woman Workbook

    By: Diana Engesath
  • Evolution Shattered

    By: Vance Ferrell
    $6.95 Retail: $12.95 Save 46%
  • Exodus Commentary

    By: Dr. Peter S. Ruckman
    A verse by verse study of Exodus, exploring the deeper symbolism of the Tabernacle, bringing to life the people and events in the time of Moses.
  • Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther Commentary

    By: Dr. Peter S. Ruckman
    Brings the historical restoration of the nation of Israel to life. Covers events from the rebuilding of the temple to current day events pointing toward the return of Jesus Christ.
  • Fact, Faith, Feeling

    By: Dr. Peter S. Ruckman
    Provides a distinction between doctrinal fact, belief, and our emotional response to the moving of the Holy Spirit, and how the three work together. Feelings must be judged in light of scripture.
  • Final Authority

    By: Dr. William P. Grady
  • First and Second Corinthians Commentary

    By: Dr. Peter S. Ruckman
    Pauline Epistles covering issues at the heart of the local church. How to address sin and restore a repentant christian, and what to expect at the future Judgment seat of Christ.
  • First and Second Thessalonians and Philemon Commentary

    By: Dr. Peter S. Ruckman
  • Five Heresies Examined

    By: Dr. Peter S. Ruckman
    A simple breakdown of the beliefs of the Cambellites, Seventh-day Adventists, Charasmatics, Catholics and Jehovah's witnesses in contrast to the word of God.
  • Forever Settled

    By: Dr. Jack Moorman
  • Four Judgments

    By: Dr. Peter S. Ruckman
  • Foxe's Book of Martyrs

    By: John Foxe
    $6.99 Retail: $8.99 Save 22%
    This best-selling classic is a must for every Christian's library!
  • Foxe's Book of Martyrs - Updated Edition

    By: John Foxe
    $14.99 Retail: $16.99 Save 12%
    This updated edition of Foxes Book of Martyrs contains stories of persecution up to 2001.
  • Fun Bible Trivia

    $4.75 Retail: $4.99 Save 5%
    More than 800 knowledge-testing questions from the KJV for everyone.