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Those So-Called Errors

by Dr. Chester W. Kulus
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You can trust the numbers that are given in the Bible.

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This book is the product of meticulous and laborious studies from years of faithfulness as a pastor and teacher of God's word and the belief in its preservation and accuracy.

Those So-Called Errors is an excellent book on the alleged numerical contradictions in the books of Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles, which many fundamentalists claim are the result of scribal error. However, as this work presents, Jesus guarantess the accuracy of the Old Testament Scriptures. Whom will a person believe: Jesus or the "scholars"?

Dr. Kulus expounds, explains, and extirpates Those So-Called Errors.

Second Edition.

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Product Code:DBS-3408
Author:Dr. Chester W. Kulus
Length:467 Pages
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Publisher:The Bible for Today
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