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The Book of Bible Problems

by Gerardus, D. Bouw, Ph.D
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For nearly two millennia the Holy Bible was regarded as the final authority in all matters historical, religious, scientific, and moral. Over the last four hundred years the Bible's authority has declined at an increasing rate. It is no wonder today that many regard the Bible as a collection of myths, full of contradictions. Dr. Gerardus D. Bouw challenges that view.

In this book, Dr. Bouw examines all of the difficult problem texts and many of the lesser ones, too. In the course of analyzing the solutions, the reader discovers simple principles which always yield a solution. Throughout, Dr. Bouw shows that God writes what he means and means what he writes. He concludes that the Holy Bible is the word of God and contains the very words of God, and he shows where those words may be found today. 265 Pages.

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Author:Gerardus, D. Bouw, Ph.D
Length:265 Pages
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Publisher:The Biblical Astronomer
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