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An Analytical Red Letter Harmony of the Four Gospels

by Floyd Nolen Jones
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A wealth of information including an extremely useful harmony of the gospels.

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Return to the Historical Text (Authorized version)An alarming expose' documenting the reasons for the differences between the modern translations of the Bible and the historical translations of the Bible such as the 1611 King James Bible, and other older Bible versions. Numerous illustrations of these significant differences are presented, and the myth that the differences in modern versions are mainly due to synonym choices and language changes is dispelled. The casting aside of the traditional Greek New Testament text which is the basis of the historic versions by Tyndale, Luther, Coverdale, and others is meticulously documented. Also carefully documented is the process which produced the radically different Greek text of the modern versions including an analysis of textual criticism. The completely unscientific basis of the methods of textual criticism are also exposed, and evidence that the traditional Greek text is actually much older than the newer critical text of the modern versions is presented. The work is carefully footnoted and includes a complete and comprehensive bibliography and index.

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Author:Floyd Nolen Jones
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