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In the Beginning...Soup?

by Thomas F. Heinze
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So...where DID life begin?

Why shouldn't kids be expected to shoot their teachers and fellow students when they are taught that their creator was primordial soup? That false teaching steals their purpose in life and the basis for their moral standards. It also blinds them to the salvation God offers in Christ Jesus. Now you can do something about it! In the Beginning...Soup? provides documented scientific evidence that it was God, and not soup that created life. It then goes on to explain how to know God personally through Jesus Christ the Savior. At under fifty cents a copy its easy to give to teachers, students, and all who need it.

Though secular science books teach that a first living cell evolved from chemicals, the idea is not science, but an opinion about ancient history. For it to be true, the ingredients cells are made of would have to be capable of forming under natural conditions. But God made cells of materials that will never form anywhere in nature except in already living cells. DNA, RNA, and proteins won't form outside of already living cells, they all break down. If one of them had been able to form spontaneously as many secular biology books lead students to believe, it would have broken down while waiting for the others.

This booklet is the distilled essence of the much more complete book, How Life Began. The first teacher of a Christian high school to read How Life Began came back and bought 40 more copies, 30 of them for his graduating seniors! A few copies of How Life Began will give the teacher and the most interested students a great deal of in depth scientific evidence and background. In the Beginning ... Soup? will then fascinate rest of the class with some of the most impressive evidence from How Life Began for only $0.49 per booklet.

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