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In 2001, I took a college course at the University of West Florida labeled "Studies in the New Testament." To my surprise, this was not a "study" of the New Testament Scriptures at all, but rather a course designed to cast doubt upon the authenticity of the New Testament by delivering one "discrepancy" after another. Over a period of 4 months, the teacher introduced and condoned the blashphemous Q-Document Theory, the notion that Jesus Christ was having an affair with Mary Magdalene, and of course, denied any plausability of the N.T. prophecies ever being fulfilled literally.

The main tactic used by the instructor in this course was nothing more than simply questioning what God has said (See Gen. 3:1). Approximately 30 "contradictions" were examined throughout the course of the semester, but not 1 was an actual contradiction as recorded in the King James Bible. Some of the "discrepencies" were more difficult than others, but none of them required any resources other than the Scriptures themselves for a clear understanding.

I often wonder how many students began the class with faith in the words of God, only to leave the class without it. It is my goal to supply a web site housing all of these alleged "contradictions" and their solutions, a resource that I could have used during my enrollment in this course. May the Lord bring those students and many others to this site to find the explanations to the scholars' attacks on the perfect word of God.

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- Adam Engesath